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Tours and Trips Bangladesh philosophy revolves around offering our guests “A lifetime experience” which for us primarily means helping our clients connect with our beautiful country, Bangladesh in interesting and insightful ways that you return from your journey feeling relaxed and pampered with stories to tell friends and family of the wonderful things that you have seen, the people you’ve met along the way, and the experiences that you’ve had in Bangladesh. Offering “A lifetime experience” is always our main goal, so to better understand and anticipate our guests needs and desires, from the start Tours and Trips Bangladesh is managed and staffed by an experienced team of professionals in the trade, who are passionate about their job & sensitive to clients needs and committed towards providing attention to detail. They are the inspiring Gurus of travel.

Short & Sweet

Mango & Archeology

Mango Capital Tour: Archeology & Photography 03 Days, 02 Nights
03 Days

Rash Festival

Rash Festival With Manipuri 03 Days, 02 Nights Highlights of
03 Days

Home Stay

Home Stay Duration: 4 Days Highlights: Sightseeing in Dhaka Rural
4 Days

Weavers & Farmers

Weavers & Farmers Duration: 3 Days Highlights of the tour
3 Days

Journey to the Tea Heaven

Journey to the Tea Heaven Duration: 4 Days Highlights of
4 Days

Archeology & River Cruise

4 days Tour. Starts at US $ 385.
4 Days

Life on Water: Rocket & Backwaters

4 days tour. Starts from $ 385.
4 Days

Dolphins & Whales

5 days tour. Price starts from $
5 Days

In Search of Wild Honey

4 days tour in Dhaka, Khulna, Sundarbans.
4 Days

In Search of Wilderness

5 days tour in Dhaka, Khulna, Sundarbans.
5 Days

Sundarbans Tour

4 days tour. Price starts from $
4 Days

All In One

23 days tour. Starts from US $
23 Days

Buddha’s Path

10 days tour. Starts from US $ 1085
10 Days